Curl Passion Designer 5.9oz

Milk_Shake by Z.ONE Concept Curl Passion Designer 5.9oz

Styling for curly hair

milk_shake curl passion designer has both forming and conditioning actions. Its active ingredients help create long-lasting curls and leaves hair elastic, conditioned and shiny. A mix of fruit extracts (grapefruit, apple, peach), along with a cocktail of vitamins, trace elements and fruit acids, have an invigorating and fortifying effect on curly hair, leaving it soft and velvety. Hygroscopic ingredients optimize the storage of moisture on scalp and hair, preventing hydration fluctuations. Anti-static film and fixative agents eliminate static electricity and give softness and shine to hair. Cationic polymers condition, making both dry and wet hair easier to comb while keeping the volume in curls. milk_shake curl passion designer contains hydrating agents to keep hairís structure balanced, eliminating frizz and providing resistance to humidity .

Use: Apply on damp hair, then massage to obtain defined and shiny curls.